About Fog Hollow Farm

Where we are and what we do

We serve the Willamette Valley with fresh and local chicken and eggs. Our 7-acre farm is located in-between the Willamette Valley and the Oregon Coast near the town of Walton, Oregon. At Fog Hollow Farm we raise pastured poultry using corn, soy, and gmo-free feed from Union Point Custom Feeds in Brownsville, Oregon. You can learn about them here. We value sustainable, humane animal husbandry and the evolution of our current food system toward a logical, locally-based structure. The result is a diet of healthy, quality poultry for ourselves, our neighbors, and the community.

When and where you can find us

We offer pastured chicken and eggs from June through October. Our frozen chickens are available year round while supplies last. To place an order, please call Steve at 406-208-7775, Terah at 323-829-1748, or email us at foghollowfarmllc@gmail.com.

Our chicken and eggs are available on Sundays at the Fairmount Neighborhood Farmer’s Market located on 19th and Agate in Eugene. On Saturdays from 10-2 you can find our chicken at the Downtown Veneta Farmer’s Market via L’etoile Farm. Call or email with any Q’s about finding our product. We do home deliveries when you order 10 or more birds.


Pastured chicken: $4.50 per pound
Pastured eggs: $7.00 per dozen

(see the Chicken page on this website for more products and pricing)